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Beyonce’s Watch Collection
If you are a fan of Beyonce, and it’s hard not to be, then you’ll be keen to know about her luxury watch collection. Beyonce always wears the most fabulous clothes, extraordinary shoes and exquisite accessories. She has taste in every single way and that includes her unrivalled taste when it comes to luxury watches. After all, she is the woman who gave her husband Jay-Z a five million dollar Hublot watch.

But what luxury watches does Beyonce own? She has a few that is for sure, and has been seen in a variety of luxury brands. She may wear them just for a concert or a show, or to go shopping with her hubby, or for a black carpet event. Beyonce is often seen in something just once - and then we imagine it goes into a very safe and special vault somewhere.

Beyonce teamed up with the Apple brand and the gold Apple Watch Edition with it’s beautiful link bracelet has been seen gracing her beautiful wrists. It’s a limited edition Apple Watch and Beyonce wore it to Coachella too. Of course, she did, celebrities always wear their luxury watches, no matter the event!

Beyonce’s wealth, together with her husband Jay-Z, is enormous. Between them they own a number of properties around the globe, luxury vehicles including the odd Rolls Royce, a private jet or two, and of course they have their own chefs, butlers, nannies and assistants. With all of this wealth, Beyonce still remains one of the most wonderful and natural woman out there and has a reputation not just for her style but also for her incredible good heart and kindness.

It stands to reason that she wears luxury watches that are stylish too. If Beyonce wears a Rolex, it is likely to have just a few perfect diamonds. If she’s in Tag Heuer, it will be the best Tag Heuer watch on the market. And if she’s in Cartier, we know it will be magnificent.

Beyonce does love beautiful jewellery, gold and diamonds, and she can afford it. She probably has a Hublot of her own, although we don’t know if it cost 5 million. Her deal with Apple watches was exclusive, which is why it may be a bit tricky to find out about her actual and private watch collection, but we’re pretty sure she shares Jay-Z’s watches and wears them from time to time too.

This means she could be seen in a Rolex Perpetual Calendar, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore, a Richard Mille RM 027 which is one of the most avant-garde luxury brands out there, a Shawn Carter by Hublot and of course, the Hublot Big Bang. The Hublot Big Bang is a custom designed watch, worth a small fortune and is all about style, glamour, status and wealth. It’s a magnificent watch and it would look pretty good on Beyonce too.

Many of the luxury brand watches are designed with men in mind, but that does not mean they are exclusively for men. While Rolex, Cartier, Tag Heuer, Omega and in fact all the big luxury brands, have a range of women’s luxury timepieces, many women choose to wear the men’s watches. It’s a sexy statement wearing a pretty strong, striking watch and Beyonce is not scared to be bold or sexy at all!

Luxury watches are investments. Many wealthy people have a lot more than one luxury watch. They collect, all brands and all styles, and watch them, literally, increase in value. Beyonce has probably already bought a couple of luxury watches, vintage if we know Beyonce, that have been carefully put away for her children. We haven’t yet seen Blue wear a diamond encrusted Cartier watch but it may well be sooner rather than later.

You can google Beyonce and find the fashion brands that she loves. Most of her clothing is custom designed for her, just like the luxury watch she custom designed for Jay-Z. She is hardly ever seen in the same thing twice, although at home she does hang out in her designer jeans and beautiful simple cotton shirts. She is a fashion icon in every single way, as well as being an icon to women and young girls all around the world. Beyonce is not scared to be herself or to show her flaws although we don’t think she has any. She always looks magnificent and that includes her skin, her hair, her body and her incredible talent.

Next time she’s on stage, take a look at Beyonce’s wrist. Is she wearing the gold Apple watch, limited edition. Is she measuring her every step as she dances around the stage? Or is she in Cartier, Piaget, Rolex, Tudor or Chopard? Perhaps she’s a Bulgari fan. We know we love all these watches! Who doesn’t.

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Beyonce shooting American Express Ad (0)07 / 08 / 2007

The next time you whip out your credit card to make a purchase, you may hear ‘Bootylicious’ playing in the background. American Express has announced that Beyonce Knowles will be their next celebrity rep. The credit card company has reportedly signed the singer/actress to a multi-million dollar ad campaign that will launch in late 2007. And she’s getting a jump start on her duties. Reportedly, the Destiny’s Child singer couldn’t wait to get things started, with a photo shoot and commercial taping already on her itinerary.

An industry insider told press, ‘She’s a role model for so many young people,’ says an insider. ‘She has tremendous cross-over appeal the same way Tiger does. She’s an inspiration for lots of people. She’s a great fit for American Express.’ Beyonce follows in the footsteps of Tiger Woods, Ellen DeGeneres, Robert DeNiro, Venus Williams, and Kate Winslet as she promotes American Express.

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Beyonce Out & About in New York City (0)06 / 08 / 2007

Some pictures of Beyonce Out & About in New York City.

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Beyonce arriving for a taping of TRL (0)01 / 08 / 2007

Some pictures of Beyonce arriving for a taping of MTV TRL.

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Beyonce after party at Mansion (0)29 / 07 / 2007

Beyonce, her sister Solange Knowles, her boyfriend Jay-Z and her tour’s opening act, Robin Thicke, all showed up at the concert after-party at Mansion Sunday night. According to spies, Beyonce and Jay-Z ’sat close and cuddly all night, and he looked at her lovingly as she danced in front of Mansion’s stage, grooving with her to songs by Kanye West, vintage Jackson Five and the pair’s duet, ‘03 Bonnie and Clyde (Me & My Girlfriend).’ The couple sipped on Evian, no alcohol, holding hands and dancing together, and stayed for more than two hours, calling it a night at 3:30. Solange and Thicke stayed on even later, dancing together with local buddy Scott Storch, and left around 4:30.

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Beyonce falls on stage (0)25 / 07 / 2007

Beyonce Knowles found her self moving ‘to the left, to the left,’ while carry out some dance moves. The R&B superstar fell down a set of stairs Tuesday night during a concert at Amway Arena in Orlando, Florida while performing her hit single ‘Ring the Alarm.’ However, being the top notch performer that she is, Beyonce evidently bounced back up and didn’t miss a beat!
A spokesperson for Columbia Records says the incident ‘was a mere spot on an otherwise sensational, flawless show. It was a case of her coat’s hem getting caught in her shoes, but Miss Knowles picked herself right up, without missing a beat, showing to all that she is the best.’ And while the ‘Irreplaceable’ singer asked fans in the audience if they had shot her tumble to please not post it on the Internet, the footage nonetheless made it to such sites as YouTube.

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Beyonce performance in Florida (0)23 / 07 / 2007

Some pictures of Beyonce performing in Florida.

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Beyonce to perform at Ethiopian millennium (0)16 / 07 / 2007

Beyonce Knowles will stage a day-long concert for the Ethiopian millennium to be celebrated on September 12 in Addis Ababa. Beyonce, who won the Grammy Award in 2001 and 2002, has been invited by Sheraton Addis, a luxury hotel in the Ethiopian capital. Sheraton Addis will pay Beyonce one million dollars and pay for the transportation of her band and equipment, APA learnt here on Monday. The 26-year-old singer is expected to be accompanied by other singers from the United States whose identity has not yet been made public. Sources told APA that Michael Jackson will also attend the Ethiopian millennium as a special guest together with other VIPs.

The Ethiopian millennium has been recognized by the African Union and United Nations as an African and worldwide celebration. Over 400,000 Ethiopians from the diaspora, tourists and other invited guests are expected to come to Ethiopia for the millennium celebrations. The Ethiopian calendar is eight years behind that used by most of the world. It is still 1999 in Ethiopia.

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Ms. Kelly Album Celebration (0)12 / 07 / 2007

Some pictures of Beyonce as she attended the celebration of Kelly Rowland’s new Album ‘Ms. Kelly’ benefiting LIFEbeat at Home

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Beyonce to play Aida in film version? (0)08 / 07 / 2007

A Disney insider reports that Disney has been aggressively courting Beyonce to play the title role of ‘Aida’ in the film version of Elton John and Tim Rice’s acclaimed production. The Mouse is reportedly already in talks with this pop diva, trying to convince Ms. Knowles to make ‘Aida’ her follow-up project to ‘Dreamgirls.’ Starring in the movie version of this Tony Award-winning musical should be a no-brainer for Beyonce. Particularly since the show’s title role has proven to be such an effective showcase for chart toppers like Toni Braxton and Ms. Knowles’ fellow ‘Destiny’s Child’ survivor, Michelle T. Williams.

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2007 Essence Music Festival (0)08 / 07 / 2007

Some pictures of Beyonce as she performed at the Essence Music Festival presented by Coca-Cola on July 6, 2007 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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Beyonce - Crazy in Love
Watch Crazy In Love
Talented as she is beautiful, Beyonce Knowles is no stranger to hard work. Since the age of 8, this Texan has been using her voice to make her dreams come true. Under the management of her father, Knowles was joined by her cousin, Kelly Rowlands, and two high school friends to form the group Destiny's Child. In 1998, Destiny's Child released their first self-titled album "Destiny's Child." Without much hesitation, the album went platinum. [...]

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Beyoncé shooting an American Express Commercial Beyoncé shooting an American Express CommercialBeyoncé shooting an American Express Commercial
Beyonce Out & About in New York City Beyonce Out & About in New York CityBeyonce Out & About in New York City
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